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When a complaint is made against PCB, control of the complaint is carried out according to the requirements of internal Procedures.

The result of a complaint's review and treatment shall be brought to the notice of the customer or bodies, as appropriate by the quality department in less than 30 days or more if required accordantly to a pre-established communication with the customer.

Quality Manager also reviews all appeals received and passes it on to the relevant HO Department, prescribing further action. If the appeal is reasonable, it is controlled in accordance with internal procedures and its result and action will be communicated to the customer or appeal request body. If the appeal is unreasonable the quality manager prepares an official reply specifying argument in favor of correctness of actions concerning the case referred to in the appeal. The reply shall refer to a PCB normative documents proving the ground for the work/service carried out. Appeals should be solved in less than 30 days.

Control of complaint and its actions will not have a negative impact on the quality of services or damage PCB reputation.

With the ongoing supervision of our dedicated team, we can continue to manage our business for long term sustainable growth; our staff builds long strong business relationships. PCB Class achieves this by generating market information and insight, promoting capabilities of our staff, surveyors and clients, developing policy, making connections through our network and providing quality advice.

We work to understand our clients changing needs to deliver a service professionally secure and efficient.
Panama Classification Bureau It’s not just about surveying but about continuously support.

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