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Transfer To Class

You can renew or Re- assigned your class and statutory certificates easily without losing your
previous cycle, status or you can Re- Classify as per your new commercial needs

Class Rules Clic here

Service Suppliers



“Approved” for those companies in which PCB verify itself the service and “Recognized” for those where has been approved by the administration/IACS member or another approved Ro by the administration.

An approved or Recognized Service supplier can be rejected on board by the surveyor if during the survey the supplier personal/ technician does not performed the job correctly or any lack of ethics is observed. Service supplier/Owner can submitted a complaint or appeal form to HO.

Disclaimer: Although every effort is made to ensure accuracy, the information in this web page is subject to alteration and PCB it’s not responsible for any human errors or omissions made herein, nor held liable for any actions taken by any party as a result of information retrieved from this website. The information in this website was accurate at the time of publication and always must be verified for its veracity at

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